University of Arizona, Spanish and Portuguese Department

Graduate Courses

  • Foreign Language Teaching and Methodology (SPAN  581A)
  • Seminar in Hispanic Linguistics (SPAN 696D): L2 Pragmatics
  • Seminar in Hispanic Linguistics (SPAN 696D): Qualitative Methods

Undergraduate Courses

  • Advanced Grammar & Composition (SPAN 425)
  • Applied Linguistics (SPAN/LING 457)
  • Intermediate Conversation (SPAN 330)
  • Second Semester Spanish (SPAN 102)
  • Spanish for the classroom teacher of Spanish (SPAN 473)
  • Spanish Pragmatics (SPAN 459)

​Northern Arizona University, English Department

Graduate Courses

  • Academic Language Skills for Graduate-School Success (ENG 506)
  • Fundamentals of ESL and Language Learning (ENG 548)
  • Introduction to Language and Linguistics (ENG 504)
  • Pragmatics in Language Learning and Teaching (ENG 612) 
  • PhD Seminar in Second Language Acquisition: Language Learning Abroad (ENG 703)
  • PhD Seminar in Second Language Acquisition: Pragmatics (ENG 703) 
  • Sociolinguistics (ENG 518) 

Undergraduate Courses

  • Introduction to Linguistics (ENG 308) 
  • Pragmatics (ENG 420c; capstone)
  • The Story of English (ENG 121)

Online Courses

  • Fundamentals of ESL and Language Learning (ENG 548)

The Pennsylvania State University, Department of Applied Linguistics 
Graduate Courses

  • American English for International Teaching Assistants (ESL 118) 
  • American Oral English for Academic Purposes (ESL 114 G)

Undergraduate Courses

  • Introduction to Language, Culture, and Social Interaction (APLNG 200)

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Intensive English Institute

ESL Courses (Visiting Lecturer)                          

  • Grammar (intermediate, lower-intermediate)
  • Reading (intermediate, lower-intermediate)
  • TOEFL preparation (advanced, intermediate)

ESL Courses  (Teaching Assistant) 

  • Grammar (intermediate, lower-intermediate)
  • Reading (intermediate, lower-intermediate)
  • Reading & Writing (Special summer programs, high-intermediate) 
  • TOEFL preparation (advanced, high intermediate)

Washington and Lee University, Romance Languages Department

Spanish as a Foreign Language (Teaching Assistant)  
Undergraduate Courses                                                                                     ; 

  • Elementary Spanish I (Spanish 111)
  • Elementary Spanish II (Spanish 112)
  • Spanish-American Civilization and Culture Spanish (212)